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Updated March 15th, 2015

Updated February 19th, 2014
Nearly Complete
  • Sci-Fi Blaster Revolver
  • Ecto Goggles
  • Ghostbuster Belt Circuit
  • Petite-sized Proton Pack

In Progress
  • Sci-fi Aciton Figure Bases
  • Giga Meter Commissions

On The Workbench
  • PKE Meter
  • Shuttle Tydirium Scale Model
September 10th 2012
New layout to the site as well as a new page for ordering commissions. Also to the left you will see a section for me to update what projects I have coming up and how close to completetion they are.

The commissions section is a rough outline right now as I work out the long form of how to place an order for a custom or prop.

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